OCTOBER 2nd - 13th : We are currently taking part in a residency at T H E E D E N P R O J E C T exploring fermentation. Come and see us!

As part of the Invisible Worlds exhibition, I’ve teamed up with Sean Meaden, a microbiologist, Elizabeth Fortnum, an illustrator, and the Eden team to explore and present insights into the world of fermentation! A part of the residency is research and experiments that take place mostly behind the scenes, but I will also be holding a demonstration and talking about ferments. Over the weekends, Sean and Elizabeth will also be available to discuss what they are up to!

Ferment! Kimchi demonstration and tasters schedule

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th - 11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th, Friday 12th - 11am-12pm
Saturday 13th - 2pm-3pm

Behind the scenes

Friday 5th—Sunday 7th, Friday 12th—Saturday 13th

Sean will be preparing samples and running DNA sequencers to find the microbial populations of our ferment samples, as well as developing experiments and processes for further investigation in the coming week. Lizzy will be responding to our images, data and processes with collages and prints, creating our own visual, collective, microbial piece.

The full team will be available to share our progress and open dialogues with the public about what we are engaging in. We might be busy, but we are here for visitors to interact with and ask questions so if we’re in the lab, just knock!

Please note, we will not be at Eden on Sunday 14th October due to the Eden marathon event!


Sohn Kitchen began as an occasional pop-up restaurant serving handmade ramen and traditional Korean dishes with local ingredients.  We are focused on processes and providing healthy, accessible and delicious food!

We have also been lucky in catering for some great folks doing exceptional things and trying to align our cooking to their creative briefs.  We are thankful to FoAM Kernow for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on interesting catering approaches, to the British Science Association for inviting us to take part in the 2018 British Science Festival in Hull, and The Eden Project for awarding us a 2 week residency to commit to research and engaging the public on all things ferment-related.

We are leaving the lovely lands of Cornwall this October 2018 and moving up country for a new spat of experiences and dishes.  We will keep the website running with blog posts and one off events, and hope to have you one day within our own space. Follow our instagram for the most reliable updates on our plans and whereabouts! @sohnkitchen

You can contact us with any queries, suggestions or general food chat by emailing

Elizabeth Fortnum is a local illustrator with particular interest in mental health, sexual health, language, communications, philosophy and silliness.

As well as having an insane memory for faces and endless love and support for what we do, she has made some wicked illustrations over the year, each time working patiently to give off a certain feel or message about the ethos behind the particular menu.

Thanks Lizzy! You can see more of her stuff on her website.

Hoon Kim trained as a chef for two years at the Star and Garter in Falmouth under former Fifteen chefs, Adam Banks, Andi Richardson and Stephen Knowles serving a British and Italian cuisine inspired by St John and River Cafe alike.  He spends half of his time working at Newlina Eco-Gardens in North Cornwall, trying to be a gardener, and the other half rolling dumpling skins.