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Archived event at The Ope
5 High Street, Falmouth

Izakaya (居酒屋) is a traditional Japanese pub serving a wide range of meals in an informal atmosphere.  As always, we source our ingredients locally and try to recreate a Japanese palette that reflects the Cornish region.  We'd like to serve small plates to encourage food that accompanies drink, as well as some standards such as ramen, donburi and okonomiyaki.  And as always, a little taste of Korean ferments.

Serving Fridays 6pm till 10pm and Saturdays 7pm till 10pm, bookings are through our email, sohnkitchen@gmail.com.

Sample menu

Teriyaki sardine fillets, toasted rice porridge - £3.5
Crispy sardine bones, cherry wood smoked salt - £3
Filled courgette flower, stem and leaf tempura, pickled ginger - £6
Smoked aubergine, chilled dashi, spring onions - £3.5

Plain okonomiyaki, oko sauce, mayo, spring onions, red dulse powder - £6
Chashu pork and Cornish octopus okonomiyaki, oko sauce, mayo, katsuobushi, chives, sesame - £7
Hand rolled ramen, local seaweed dashi, pickled red dulse, courgette tempura, soy brined egg, spring onions, togarashi - £8
Chashu pork donburi, blanched orache and chard, onsen egg, butter, sesame oil, togarashi - £8

Baechu kimchi - £2
Soy fermented garlic - £2


Noodle Bar

Archived event




Archived event