Kimchi stew - alive and kicking!

A recent research paper studies and describes the mechanisms of probiotic bacteria, specifically of the genus Bacillus, in eliminating pathogens. It also describes how Bacillus form endospores that allow it to survive harsh conditions, such as high temperatures. So, the kimchi in your stew, may still have some probiotic goodness!

The paper is a great read though obviously heavy on procedures and jargon, and goes into details of a specific pathogen, Staphylococcus Aureus, and how the secretion of the Bacillus bacteria suppress an important behaviour that allows the S. Aureus to colonise intestinal tracts. The sample size is 200, so not too small but not the largest, but is carefully chosen to be exemplary and to provide the best data by avoiding food sterilisation and anti-bacterial products so common in urban areas. This point is interesting in itself, that the research had to endeavour to find microbially active guts.

Link to the article here and for full access, use this.