Elizabeth Fortnum : Illustration & research at The Eden Project Residency

Being involved in The Eden Project ‘Ferment!’ residency is a new approach to illustrating for me, as i have never worked in collaboration with a scientist or microbiologist in any kind of research setting. Illustrators often find themselves creating visuals for articles or essays that are way beyond their comprehension - perhaps? and this setting is unusual as i am here, and somewhat involved as the research is in process - as opposed to illustrating the outcome of said research. This informs my approach to the project itself. I am interested in illustrating processes and concepts so it is fun to be able to respond intuitively and be playful. One thing i have learned so far is that the bacteria involved in fermentation can be latent everywhere and that the nature selects when to awaken it. I think it’s reasonable to say that is a pretty close analogy for my working process too. I’ll be decorating the common lab space with my musings as the residency progresses - and post here for those who won’t be visiting the site itself. The images below are initial collage responses to miscroscopic images of baechu kimchi and Hoon’s grandma’s homemade fish sauce, which is 4 years old!