Recipe #1


Our first recipe card!  Thank you Elizabeth Fortnum for the lino print!

Baechu kimchi is the most popular kimchi, at least abroad.  In Korea, kimchi made with mouli is also very popular.  Beyond that, there are over 300 varieties!

Kimchi is known for being sharp, garlicy and spicy.  It's important to note that chillis came to Korea a few centuries ago, but we've been making kimchi for much longer.  White kimchi, made without chillis, is also very popular especially in the summer.

It's hard to find decent recipes that are translated to English and even harder to find recipes for the lesser known varieties.  We hope to upload more of these so you can try them at home!

Just to get your head spinning, as far as kimchi goes, you can have water kimchi soured in a brine, kimchi made with beef stock, dried jujube dates, fruit such as clementines, crispy Asian pears and apples, soy sauce, kimchi wrapped in perilla leaves and kimchi made with fresh oysters and octopus!

These will be given away at the British Science Festival on Tuesday 11th September, 6pm till 10pm at the Trinity Market in Hull, where I'll also be giving out tasters and talking endlessly about Korean ferments.